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Jon is passionate about teaching Biblical principles that transform lives. As a master teacher, he has honed the art of communicating God’s timeless truth  using visual aids, discussion questions, small group interaction, substantive handouts, and clear calls to action.

As you listen to his engaging presentations, his teaching gift is quickly evident. He incorporates clear biblical principles with transformational  applications in a lively format that connects with everyone. He shares from his life experience in a transparent way that adds authenticity to his training and he consistently calls for commitment and change in the lives of the participants. His teaching has impacted the lives of believers in over a dozen nations.

Jon has been developing and refining material for the church, especially leaders, for most of his life. A list of teaching sessions currently available is listed below. The list is divided into four different categories as follows:

Philosophy and Practice of Leadership Training. These sessions build a framework for those who want to begin intentional leadership development or for those who want to strengthen current programs. The concept of the three components of effective Christian leadership (character, knowledge, and skill) are introduced and fully developed.

Character. These sessions focus on development of Christ-like character. Most sessions are targeted for leaders but are applicable to all.

Knowledge. These sessions develop knowledge for Christian leaders in the areas of biblical knowledge, self understanding, potential, knowledge of leadership, vocation and calling.

Skill. Lessons in this section focus on skills necessary for effective leadership such as vision, goal setting, people skills, administrative skills, etc.

Series. These sessions are designed as a series of three or more teachings.

Cross-Cultural. Sessions dealing particularly with issues related to building the Kingdom across cultures.

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Philosophy and Practice of Leadership Training

The Call to LD An overview of the significance of LD, the inadequacies of current models and a call for new models. Can include an interactive study time looking at how Jesus developed leaders.
The Product of LD A more detailed look at the 3 components of strong leadership: character, knowledge, and skill giving 28 areas of evaluation. This serves as a template for curriculum development as well as a checklist for evaluation of leaders.
The Process of LD A self-learning session that examines how leaders are formed from personal experience and the life of Christ. Introduces a transformational model of four elements that shape leaders: spiritual, relational, experiential, and instructional
Developing Your LD program An overview of all components needed to begin a LD program.
Curriculum Development A focus on specific issues related to choosing curriculum for training leaders. The core concepts and core curriculum of Global LEAD Alliance are introduced.
Developing Learning Activities that Build Leaders A close look at the four elements of the transformational model and how they can be incorporated into learning environments.
Contextualizing Your Program A call to allow the context to shape the structure of a training program.
Principles of Leadership Development An overview of the current leadership crisis, an examination of Jesus’ methodology of leadership development and applications for practitioners.

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The Leader and Intimacy with Jesus Steps towards a deeper intimacy with Jesus
The Heart of Leadership A look at the life of Jesus and His call for servant leadership.
Brokenness A study of Luke 9:23-26 and Jesus’ call to a life of radical self-denial and the implications for leaders.
The Leader and Family This lesson focuses on the need for leaders to make family a priority and provides practical suggestions for building a stronger family life.
The Leader and Attitude The value of attitude in the life of a leader.
The Leader and Forgiveness This lesson, developed by Jon’s wife Loice, is a powerful call to forgiveness, especially for leaders but relevant to all.
The Leader and Authority A careful look at the biblical call to live under authority and why this is so crucial for those in authority.
Finishing Well A sobering call to leaders about the importance of finishing the race well. This lesson looks at several biblical leaders and draws from them principles for today.
Race to the Bottom A call to servant leadership.
Truthfulness A close look at one of the most common sins of the tongue, speaking lies. This lesson examines why we do it, how it is evident and how to change.
The Leader and the tongue This session examines the power of the tongue and it’s role in the life of the leader.
The Leader and Motives Why do we do what we do? This session examines the power of motives and the impact they have on our lives and leadership.
Responsibility This session is a challenge to accept responsibility and to increase integrity in life and leadership.
Leading from or Towards Intimacy A session looking at the call to lead from a position of security and intimacy in contrast to using leadership to find security.
The ABC’s of Trust A three part teaching on how to earn trust, keep it and how to recover it when it is lost.
The ABC’s of Marriage A look at the biblical view of marriage from Ephesians 5.

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The Foundations of Leadership An introductory lesson on leadership, introducing the concepts of influence, position, the law of the lid, and a call to personal growth.
The Basics of Christian Leadership A teaching from 1 Pet. 5 which deals with heart issues, the function of leadership, a call to model the way and the rewards of leadership.
Leadership and Ministry A teaching which examines the distinction between leadership and service. It looks at biblical examples of leadership, practical reasons to focus on leadership, reasons why if is difficult to do and why it is a struggle for ‘servant’ leaders.
The Leader and Vocation This session examines the relationship between our work and God’s call. Participants are challenged to reexamine the distinction between ‘secular’ work and ‘ministry’ and to understand God’s vision for all of life to be an expression of worship.
The Leader as a Change Agent in His Society This two part teaching looks at the call God has for believes to impact all spheres of society and uses the life of Nehemiah to build a blueprint for transformation change. A comprehensive guide for developing a strategic plan is included.
Potential, See it This motivational series one of Jon’s most popular teachings and has been shared with hundreds. It can be taught in two or three sessions. The first is a challenge to open our eyes to the potential God has place in us.
Potential, Shape it This second session focuses on the steps we need to take to develop our potential and deals with our thinking, personal growth and how we view failure.
Bible Study Skills for Leaders This two-part teaching is a very basic introduction to the art of Bible study.
Leadership and the Great Commission The link between the Great Commission and leadership is explored in this session. It is a powerful call to engagement in world missions and the critical role of leadership in missions.
Attitudes that build a Church This session is a motivational call for church leaders to begin thinking differently about church growth and expand their vision for what God wants to do in their lives.
The Power of Personality This fun lesson gives an overview of the four basic temperaments and their impact on understand of self and others. It also looks at how to lead persons with different temperaments.
360 degree Leadership This lesson looks at the need to begin leadership with self-leadership, leading in by keeping focused and balance, then influencing those above, beside and below.
The Business of Leadership This lesson is shaped for business leaders and builds a foundation for what leadership is and looks at how to lead in 360 degrees.


Goals This lesson challenges participants to begin setting goals for all areas of their lives and provides the tools to get started in the journey.
Time Management Time management is a key to living a productive and balanced life. This lesson looks at Biblical principles of time management and can be taught in one or two sessions.
Priorities This lesson focuses on the need for leaders to establish and live by priorities. The section on finding priorities is transformational.
The Power of Personal Growth This session is a call to the value and practice of personal growth.
People Skills Learning how to relate to others is essential for enjoying life and relationships. This lesson provides 8 keys for learning how to relate well to others.
People Skills for Customer Service This session focuses on people skills for those interacting with others in customer service, sales, etc.
The Value of Vision A clearly focused and articulated vision is indispensable for every leader. This lesson looks at the life of Nehemiah to teach you how to get there.
The Leader and Equipping This lesson calls leaders to focus time and energy on equipping others for ministry and provides specific steps which any leader can follow to improve in this call.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Effective leaders build strong teams around them. This session provides the rationale for teams and tools to strengthen any team.
Church Administration This two-part lesson provides an overview of administrative skills needed by every church leaders.
How to Stay Away from Bored Meetings Everyone who ever attends a meeting will benefit from this lesson and the principles shared are guaranteed to greatly enhance your next meeting.
The Leader and Church Discipline A close look at Matthew 18 and Jesus’ instructions about how to deal with issues of sin and disagreement in the church.
How to Lead Your Boss Leading those over you has been described as one of the toughest leadership challenges. This lesson looks at how to influence them.
Listening Learning to listen to others will greatly enhance your leadership ability.
How to Choose a Leader This lesson focuses on practical things to look for when looking at potential leaders. The checklist provided will help in self-evaluation as well as identifying those with great potential.
Ushering With a Purpose This session provides fun and practical training for anyone involved in the ministry of ushering and greeting.
Leading God’s People in Worship The session focuses on those involved in leading praise and worship. It provides the biblical foundation for the value of worship and lots of practical tips for the journey of leading others in worship.
Successful Family Devotions Many couples struggle to lead their family in times of spiritual growth. This session will step on some toes but produce transformed families.
The 7 “Be’s” of a Leader An introductory session on leadership calling participants to be an example, to be growing and 5 other “be’s”
It’s Nice to be Neat! What does the Bible teach about neatness? What can you do to remove some of the clutter from your life? This fun lesson looks at a subject not often addressed.
Planning to Succeed Practical tips for planning will help leaders and others find success in life.
The Leader and Financial Integrity This lesson focuses on Biblical principles of financial integrity and applications for organizational leaders.
The Leader and His Board This session deals with the opportunities and challenges of leadership and board relationships.
Teaching for Transformation A lesson on the five building blocks of transformational teaching.
Leading for a Change A lesson which challenges leaders to understand and direct the process of change.

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Pits, Prisons, and Palaces This series is based on the life of Joseph and provides powerful insights into everyday life issues such as family dysfunction, dealing with the past, forgiveness, facing temptation, etc. Up to five sessions are included and are based on Jon’s booklet by this title.
Use that Gift! This series focuses on unleashing the power of spiritual gifts in the church.
Teaching for a Change A four session course on developing teaching skills is excellent for all teachers and communicators. Can be used as a standalone course or combined with assigned reading for a greater impact.
Potential Three sessions on Potential. See details of first two sessions above. The third session is on sharing potential with others, equipping them to fulfill their potential. All are available on DVD.
Highway of Holiness This four part series is based on Bruce Wilkinson’s book, “Personal Holiness in Times of Temptation.” Participants will always remember the “three chairs” and the cashew nuts used to illustrate the stages of temptation.
7 Keys to Financial Freedom Based on Jon’s book by this title, the series looks at life changing steps to find financial freedom. The series can be up to 6 sessions and can include small group bible studies from the book.
The Church God Uses This four part series looks at four characteristics of the early church and examines how they can be practiced in our church today to release God’s power and blessing to the world.
Get Your Act Together This series consists of the five ‘acts’ of leaders based on the book “The Leadership Challenge.” Biblical examples of each of the actions are provided from the life of Paul.
Authority This three session series provides an overview of Biblical authority in the church, home, government and work. Our response to authority is a key for God’s ability to work
God’s Dream for our Family Tree Three lessons on dreams and family systems based on the life of Joseph. Deals with generational sins and family dysfunctions.
The Power of Passion Three sessions on rekindling passion for the right things in our lives.
Free at Last Four sessions on deliverance

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Building Kingdom Communities Across Cultures This lesson looks at the way culture impacts leadership and challenges cross-cultural leaders to intentionally seek to build communities that reflect Kingdom values.
Communication in Virtual Teams This lesson looks at the challenge of communication in virtual teams.