Merry Christmas to you from Jon

Christmas greetings 2021

Dear Friend,

In place of the next issue in our series, “Questions Serving Leaders Ask,” I want to pause and send my personal Christmas greetings to each of you.

Around the world, people pause to reflect on and celebrate the birth of Jesus who, in my opinion, is the greatest leader the world has ever known. At His birth, through His life and then His death and resurrection, He models for all people and nations a radically different way of leading. He starts in the humblest of circumstances and with no pretense or prestige. And He models serving to His disciples as He stooped to wash their feet. He was willing to suffer a painful death rather than defend His position. In all He did Jesus modeled patience, humility, giving away His power to His followers, and focusing on others rather than Himself. He was a serving leader long before that phrase became popular.

Whether or not you call yourself a follower of Jesus, this Christmas season I hope you take a serious look at how Jesus led and seek to model your leadership after His. Our world would flourish if each of us would lead like Him and wise men (and women) still seek Him!

Today, I sincerely want to wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s a privilege for me to connect with you through this email every two weeks as we reflect together on how to strengthen our leadership. I appreciate those who provide feedback and welcome any thoughts you have on what would be more helpful to you. It’s my desire to serve you well!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

Yours on the journey,

Jon Byler